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.. - 2021-03-17
How to add a single indoor station to the door station.pdf 684.87KB 2021-01-20
How to add a single sub-door station to the main door station.pdf 688.51KB 2021-01-20
How to Add Contact List of the 2nd Generation VIS.pdf 615.21KB 2019-07-05
How to Add HIKVISION Reader to the 2nd Generation Modular Door Station.pdf 599.90KB 2019-12-13
How to add IP camera to the indoor station.pdf 817.65KB 2021-01-20
How to add ringtone on indoor station.pdf 762.33KB 2021-01-20
How to add user and issue card on villa door station.pdf 720.47KB 2021-01-20
How to batch register indoor station to door station.pdf 777.30KB 2021-01-20
How to batch register sub door station to door station.pdf 834.86KB 2021-01-20
How to configure Door Station and Indoor extension (Local Interface).pdf 706.08KB 2021-01-20
How to configure outer door station mode (with fw build0528).pdf 629.52KB 2020-07-08
How to configure ringback tone on door station.pdf 721.70KB 2021-01-20
How to configure the second lock on door station.pdf 704.23KB 2021-01-20
How to install APP on Android Indoor Station.pdf 735.00KB 2021-01-20
How to set up indoor extension on iVMS-4200.pdf 744.53KB 2021-01-20
Relevant instructions for external power supply and wiring of 2-wire video intercom products.pdf 459.66KB 2020-06-16