File/Direcory File Size Date
.. - 2023-08-17
A Guide to the Use of the HCP Platform on AWS.pdf 1.57MB 2023-08-16
HCP2.4 Access Control Delivery Manual.pdf 1.06MB 2023-05-09
HCP 2.4 Elevator Control business delivery solution.pdf 1.82MB 2023-05-09
HCP2.4 Radar+PTZ Delivery Manual.pdf 506.19KB 2023-05-09
HCP2.4 Video Security Delivery Manual.pdf 497.96KB 2023-05-09
HCP Database Distributed Deployment Operation Guide.pdf 1.23MB 2023-08-16
HCP Feature Analysis Function Operation Guide.pdf 2.15MB 2023-08-16
HCP Platform OpenAPI Deployment & Online Debug.pdf 928.20KB 2023-05-09
HCP V2.4 How to Install and Configure SAC.pdf 430.26KB 2023-05-09
HCP VCA Search Function Operation Guide.pdf 3.02MB 2023-09-08
Heat Map Delivery Manual for HikCentral Professional.pdf 1.01MB 2023-05-09
How to add AIOP camera to HCP 2.4.pdf 1.48MB 2023-05-09
How to add AXPRO to HCP by ISUP protocol .pdf 218.98KB 2023-05-09
How to Add HPP device to HCP 2.4.pdf 1.44MB 2023-05-09
How to add K1T502 to HCP via ISUP 5.0.pdf 384.20KB 2023-05-09
how to change event& alarm name of HCP to a better translation.pdf 1.49MB 2023-05-09
How to Change Web Client Backgroud Image of HCP.pdf 273.89KB 2023-05-09
How to check and export access record from HCP.pdf 1.20MB 2023-05-09
How to configure ehome 2.0 devices to HCP.pdf 660.20KB 2023-05-09
How to configure MySQL database exchange on HCP2.3.pdf 1.17MB 2023-05-09
How to configure the fire alarm linkage between Access Controllers via HCP or HCAC.pdf 1.39MB 2023-05-09
How to create HCP HTTPS SSL cert.pdf 1.45MB 2023-05-09
How to remotely collect Card Number Fingerprint and Face on HCP or HCAC Platform.pdf 1.67MB 2023-05-09
How to use pStor Demo tool.pdf 0.98MB 2023-05-09
IPv6 Knowledge and how to use it on HCP.pdf 511.09KB 2023-05-09
RoseReplicatorPlus Failover Solution For HikCentral V2.4.pdf 9.31MB 2023-05-09