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Android Indoor Station Upgrade with RS232 cable_V2.0.docx 414.04KB 2022-10-28
Configure the Villa Door Station Using the AP mode.pdf 951.24KB 2023-08-17
How to add alarm devices to Android Indoor Station.docx 2.07MB 2022-10-28
How to add a single sub door station to the main door station in 2 different methods.docx 1.00MB 2022-10-28
How to call four indoor station using DS-KV8X13 series.pdf 635.96KB 2022-10-28
How to Call Indoor Station and Extension by Outer Door Station.doc 16.10MB 2022-10-28
how to call main station(KM8301) from door station of Protocol2.0.docx 2.06MB 2022-10-28
How to configure door phone to call indoor station .docx 766.57KB 2022-10-28
How to configure the 485 card reader and door lock to connect the video intercom.pdf 0.99MB 2022-10-28
How to configure the indoor station to trigger alarm output when it.docx 884.25KB 2022-10-28
How to create Main staition group call.pdf 1.10MB 2022-10-28
How to Install 3rd App with ADB on Android Indoor Station.docx 3.85MB 2022-10-28
How to map the room number on KD9633.pdf 1.18MB 2023-08-17
How to use Pin code and QR code on KD9633.pdf 1.78MB 2022-10-31
How to use the public password of the Door Station to open the door.docx 1.10MB 2022-10-28
Solution for iVMS4200 V3.7.0.5+KD8003.pdf 473.04KB 2022-10-28
Video Intercom Firmware Compatibility and Configuration Note.pdf 941.26KB 2022-10-28